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Welcome to

Mt. Calvary!

We're so glad you stopped by! We're proud of the work done here at Mt. Calvary and we're humbled by the support of so many who make it possible. For nearly 30 years, Mt. Calvary Outreach Center has been a lighthouse in the Kershaw community and we hope to remain one as long as we can. Our many volunteers and support from our area churches give credence to the phrase "many hands make light work." We believe the children in this community are vulnerable to crime and the negative affects of poverty, so we're committed to being there for them, to showing them they are worthy and to challenge them to aim high in life.

Please take a moment to read about some of our programs and the way you can help us help this community! 

fire truck visit.jpg
Why we do what we do...this picture was taken when the local fire department came and sprayed our little ones who are too small to go to the town pool! It's a great way to beat the heat and a wonderful opportunity for our kids to bond with the firefighters.
Our boys expressing their gratitude for the programs that Mt. Calvary provides!
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