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In order to be good stewards of the financial resources given to us, we keep a running "Wish List" for the organization. These are items we're persuing grants to fund, but also firmly believe in the adage, "It never hurts to ask"! If there's anything on the list you can help with, please let us know via email or phone (803 475-7546)

1. A school bus - Our current bus is in poor shape and is often unreliable when traveling outside of town limits. We are passionate about providing field trip opportunities for our children and youth and we want them to experience life outside of Kershaw. We need to be able to get them there safely. 

2. A passenger van - We currently have a 15 passenger mini bus that is useful for getting small groups of children here and there. We use it most often and it serves us well. However, it has high mileage and will likely cost us more money to keep it running in the future than it's worth.

3. Bookshelves - New or gently used bookcases would be appreciated. We have a children's library we'd like to organize and arrange nicely for our children to enjoy.

4. Lightweight folding tables - We'd love to have about 10-12 lightweight folding tables for our gathering room. Currently, we have some that work, but they are very heavy to move around for our staff, children and senior citizens.

5. Field Trip Opportunities - Our goal is to broaden our children's "world view." Many don't get a chance to leave Kershaw. We would love to have you sponsor tickets to a play, a concert, museum, etc. 

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